Opportunities for Self Development


Google Certified Educator

Google offers two educator certifications so that you can show mastery at the level that's right for you. Use the content in the teacher center and your own teaching experience to best prepare you for the performance-based exams. Once you feel adequately prepared, exams are available online and the educator certifications can be achieved at any time. Here is the link: https://teachercenter.withgoogle.com/certification

Seesaw Ambassador

Seesaw Ambassadors are a community of inspiring educators who we  can shape the future of the Seesaw products and help inspire other educators. Here is the link: https://help.seesaw.me/hc/en-us/articles/205699205-Become-a-Seesaw-Ambassador


If you use Apple products in your classroom, it will be helpful to become an Apple Teacher. The process entails earning 8 sets of badges. Here is the link: https://www.apple.com/education/apple-teacher/


SCCOE has a myriad of online and blended learning opportunities which speak to teachers' curiosities and empower them to define their own learning path. The wide variety of course offerings partnered with valuable micro-credentials and open digital badges create a dynamic opportunity to recognize your skills in real time! Here is the link: https://innovation.sccoe.org/