The Future of Our District Depends on this election

Background Information

For the past 2 years the Alum Rock School Board Majority has mismanaged and micromanaged our school district. As a result, we are now under investigation  by the following agencies:

  •  Santa Clara County Grand Jury 
  • Santa Clara County District Attorney
  • Fiscal Crisis Assistance and Management Team
  •  Joint Legislative Audit Committee
  •  Securities and Exchange Commission

In the beginning of 2018, the Superintendent of Schools for Santa Clara County issued a Stay and Rescind Notice, preventing Alum Rock School Board from making fiscal decisions because of their bad governance and bad decision making.

Our Superintendent, Dr. Hilaria Bauer, was forced to file a police report and obtain a temporary restraining order against Khanh Tran for threatening her in a closed session board meeting, while the board president Esau Herrera let it happen! These are not the people we want on our governing board. 

What You Can Do...

On November 6, please vote for:




to bring competence and civility back to the Alum Rock School Board!

These candidates are parents with children currently enrolled in Alum Rock schools. They have been involved and advocated for all the students in our district.

For more information about each one, follow their links below.

Andres Quintero -

Ray Mueller -

Ernesto Bejarano -